candace + mark | winter engagement session in old montreal

They don't have one of those "been together forever" kind of love stories, but their story does have that "we knew it was right from the very beginning" sort of quality. 

Meeting Candace and Mark for a wedding consult near the end of last year was such a delight. Finding out that the upcoming Christmas holiday would be their first one as a couple was inspiring to me. They were like puzzle pieces searching for that perfect click, finding in it each other and hanging on tight. They didn't need dozens of holidays to know that this was a match like no other. 

The wedding they're planning sounds like my absolute dream. I am so excited to share that with you later this year, but for now...enjoy my favourite photos from their Old Montreal engagement session. In my line of work I get to see a lot of happy couples. Candace and Mark are right at the top of that list.  

Mark: I'm so glad it "wasn't as bad as [you] thought it would be!" 
You're a gem and you killed it.

Candace: Thank you for being what we call in the biz, a "dream client." 
You already had the "Maid of Honour" training in your resume, and now you're a true Laura Kelly Bride. I am honestly so completely touched that you thought of me when it came time to plan your own wedding. I have never forgotten what a ray of sunshine you were at Danielle's wedding, and I am so grateful to have you as a client and friend. 


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