tax time, turning two, and a couple sneak peeks...

Receipts, receipts, and more receipts. 

I don't even know where I would BEGIN the tax return process if my husband weren't an accountant. Yesterday was the worst because it was all numbers and NO FUN!

(I'm complaining...
but if one can't complain on their own blog then where can they!!)

Amidst the spreadsheets, bookkeeping, mileage notebooks, and other boring things...I managed to find the teeniest bit of time to get some work done on three fabulous shoots. 

Here's a little peek at what's to come this week on the blog...




P.S...I'm celebrating a little milestone today, 
as my little business turns TWO!

On a day like this, you'd think my mind would be filled with previous shoots, memories of purchasing and upgrading my gear, or the evolution of my website...

But what I really think about is my amazing husband, who has stood by my side and supported me during EVERY step. For two years he's been my biggest cheerleader, and faithfully listened to every one of my stories about "the most unbelievable light that happened during tonight's engagement session!!!!!!!"

When I raise my prices, he says "I'm sure you're worth it, my sweetheart." And when I compare myself to other photographers I see in the world who are doing really cool things, he says "You're the best there is, my love." 

I love you, Beans.

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