another three things (& it's beans' birthday!!!)

It's Beans' birthday today :)

Because he's turning 24, here are 24 things I love about him that you might not already know:

he gives a great foot massage
he makes the best omelettes
he turned me into a nice person, compared to the evil one I was during high school
he always insists on carrying all of my things
he knows all the words to Rappers Delight
he is the best puppy daddy
he is the first one to get naked at every applicable party
his entire mood can change with a little bit of homemade baking
he always drives
he is afraid of his hairstylist
he will drop everything at any moment to help out a friend
he has expensive taste in clothes
he lets me watch Big Brother in his presence
he can't focus on anything else if Friends is on
his biggest wish is just to have children who love him
he has the most eclectic music taste. from country to rap to 80s hits
he lets me sleep in
he hides dirty tupperwares from me until he has time to clean them
his parents are his friends
he holds my lenses while I shoot (see above photo)
his beans face. enough said
he works incredibly hard, and looks for very little recognition while he does it
he loves me (okay, we knew that one.)
he is my biggest fan, and I'm his

Happy birthday my love!

I'm going to Toronto for an MTV adventure!

Spontaneous travel is on my list of things that fire me up. So today when my friend Steph told me she was up for a trip to see the 1GIRL5GAYS live show, I was 100% ready to go. I'm expecting that many of you won't be familiar with this show, but it's really funny and it's the final opportunity to see the original cast live before 1G5G switches up their format. 

I leave tomorrow and will be lining up at the Masonic Temple to get my tickets super early on Thursday, and then the show goes live at 8:30pm. I've never been to a live taping so this is exciting for so many reasons!

Also, I'm planning to finish this month's book club read (Me Before You by Jojo Moyes) on the bus :)

Another sneak peek of a beautiful couple...I just couldn't help it :) Congratulations Brittany and Brent!!


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