laura + lee | sebasco harbor resort, maine wedding

THIS is love. Laura and Lee were absolutely, hands down, no doubt about it, meant for each other. A girl from Boston, a guy from Kenya...meeting up in Harvard Square after getting acquainted online. She noticed his smile, and after knowing Lee for only 2 days, I know for sure that he was taken with how beautiful she is. (It doesn't take a Harvard grad to realize that, because to this day he still can't take his eyes off her.)

This wedding is one of my favourites to date, not only because of the stunning location (I mean, married at the top of a lighthouse, with first dances in a vintage bowling alley? c'mon...), but because of the personal details in every nook and cranny of their decor. 

I am so excited to share some of my favourite images from Laura & Lee's wedding by the sea at the Sebasco Harbor Resort in Maine.

MILELE means "forever" in Swahili, which is the native language to Lee and his family. And what a perfect word to describe the two of them...

All my love goes out to two of the nicest people I've yet to meet. Laura & Lee...milele.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS you guys!!! This was the most beautiful wedding, seriously! All my love.

  2. I felt like tearing up through the whole post. What a gorgeous wedding! The couple looked so happy and excited! Great photographs, great wedding :)


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