kim + jeremy | a romantic downtown engagement

The people you're about to see are very near and dear to my heart...

Ryan and I are so lucky to be able to call Kim and Jeremy our friends, and because our men work so darn much, Kim and I have really bonded over the last year.

We have one of those friendships where we can talk for hours over a cup of tea, and never get bored of each other's company. And when Jeremy proposed this past Christmas morning, I secretly wished they would choose me to shoot their wedding!

It's a tricky thing, working with friends who become engaged, because choosing a wedding photographer is such a personal decision for a couple, and you have to be very careful not to overstep or impose on the process. 

That being said, I was absolutely DELIGHTED (and sincerely touched) when Kim and Jer asked me to photograph their wedding next Summer. And since that very day, Kimmy and I have been planning details for their engagement session!! 

I am madly in love with this collection... 

Sometimes Jeremy makes faces. It's part of his charm.

We couldn't possibly have an engagement session without including Kim & Jer's "baby," Drake. 

Look at that face...

I just love this moment. Kim, you're so insanely beautiful. 

Dear Owner of Pretty Peonies on King Edward Avenue: 

Sorry for stealing your flowers. 

Kim, Jeremy, and Laura

This light just makes me SO happy...

We finished up the session at Britannia Beach during sunset. If I'm being completely honest, it was the most beautiful sunset that's ever come out to play for an engagement session...

I could NOT stop shooting!

So I know I'm not supposed to talk about someone else's man... but I know Kim, and I don't think she's gonna beat me up. Plus, it needs to be said.

Looking good, Jer.

My absolute favourite...

From the bottom of my heart, I am so happy for our two friends who are about to become husband and wife...and these photos are just proof of their sweet, playful love that's just bursting with joy.



  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THIS! theyre beautiful kim, so so so lovely.

  2. Seriously stunning!!! You both look so happy & Kim you look gorgeous. Beautiful work as always Laura!

  3. This is probably the most gorgeous engagement shoot I have ever seen! Absolutely stunning!

  4. AMAZING shoot! I agree, probably the nicest engagement shoot I've seen!

  5. I love the wine bottles as a "save the date." Can you please tell me how they were made?

    1. I painted chalkboard paint over the labels, (2 or 3 coats) and then I drew the numbers on with a Chalk Marker that I got at Michael's :) Tip - use wine bottles that have flat labels!


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