kelly + joe | a rustic farm engagement

Funny thing about busy just sneaks up on you!!

As much as off-season dragged on and I craved having a bunch of new weddings to edit, busy season just seemed to hit me completely out of the blue!

I left for Maine, hit up Mexico for a bit, and got home with 2 weddings to work on, and only 3 days until wedding number 3. BAM. 

But the truth is, I LOVE being busy :)

I love that feeling of the hours rolling on by without my knowledge while I work away at making pretty pictures even prettier. My head is full of blog posts that I've yet to write, and my heart is full because of these happy people I get to spend my time with.

Here are a couple lovely photos from a recent engagement session for Kelly & Joe: 

Fave...Kelly, I just can't wait to see you in your dress!!

I am so excited to be photographing Kelly & Joe's wedding 
this August -- and it's coming up QUICK!!


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  1. I'm so excited to see these pictures up on your blog! Joe and I had such a fun time spending the afternoon with you, thanks for all your work. Now I really can't wait for the wedding....


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