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Four girls sat on a king size bed in North Carolina. 

Friends for only 2 and a half days, 
but POURING our hearts out to each other. 

Huge dreams, scary thoughts, hopes, fears, everything -- we talked about it all, without a single distraction. Instagram didn't exist. Emails didn't exist. Home was far from our minds, and yet we were all flying out the next morning. 

The Making Things Happen experience was out. of. this. world. 

To this day, I have a really hard time explaining it to friends who ask me what I did in North Carolina. I find myself saying these really vague sentences like:

There's an emphasis on finding the things that make you HAPPY, 
and finding out exactly how you want to live your life...

And then figuring out what's STOPPING YOU from 
living it that way...

And then CRUSHING those barriers...

And living a rich life full of PURPOSE

Okay, when I say makes it sound like a cult. And the first question people usually ask me is: was it about photography though? To which I enthusiastically reply: NO! and that's the POINT!!!

Because it really wasn't about business, or photography, branding, marketing, was just about making things happen. 

Now, you might wonder why I'm only just NOW getting around to posting about the specifics of MTH ("procrastination isn't very inspiring, Laura!"), but I promise, there's a reason. On the second day, right before we packed up our things, we wrote down a date:

JUNE 13TH, 2013

And under that date, three little words:


That date was to act like our half-way point to completely changing our lives. The thing about change is that sometimes it happens very slowly...and you don't really realize it's happening until you really look for it. And for some reason, I knew I would wait until today to really sit down and write about the journey. 

Looking at these old photos makes me so happy :) It brings me right back to that hallway...phoneless, with a hand that's sore from writing endlessly, all fired up and ready to do great things. 

And at the very end, our AMAZING speakers took some time to chat with us individually, and it was basically the best thing ever. I got to meet Nancy! LOVE HER!!!

Life is too short to...

...spend time doing things that don't matter.
...get sucked into the Kardashians for an entire evening. afraid of success! with clutter. worried.

It takes daily reminders (like the image below, that I use as my desktop background) to make things happen. You need to continue reminding yourself to focus on what's important and let the other things fall away. The cool thing though, is if you're successful with this, you get rewarded in so many ways!

This might be the cheesiest line I've ever written but...each day feels like a gift. 

For an actual peek inside MTH, check out this lovely vid... (I'm in it!) 

Making Things Happen l Chapel Hill, NC from Caitlin Sullivan on Vimeo.

Lara, Gina, and Emily just announced the next Making Things Happen Conference...and I am SO SO SO tempted to go. If you're even the littlest bit interested in changing the way you think about everything, you must go. 

Details are coming soon!

P.S...I can still vividly remember the following conversation with the most indifferent and woe-begotten TSA agent I've ever encountered:

How long were you in the United States?
4 days.
What was your reason for travel?
I was attending a workshop in Chapel Hill.
The workshop? Oh, it was all about figuring out exactly what it is that makes your heart LIGHT ON FIRE, and fill you with so much happiness, and then figuring out what is stopping you from living that wonderful life. 
It was all about MAKING THINGS HAPPEN!


I wish I had a photo of his expression. Priceless.

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  1. That would have been CBSA not TSA and believe me we hear something new everyday :)


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