i'm alive

I think it's finally time for me to poke my head out from the giant rock I've been hiding under for the last week...

And when I say "week," I do actually mean an entire week of not blogging, not emailing, not Insta/Facebooking. It all started on the bus to Toronto last Wednesday when I started to get a bit chilly, and let proceeded to shiver like it was going out of style for the last 1.5 hours of the trip. 

I arrived in Toronto with a bad fever, a pounding headache, and the worst achy limbs I've ever had. My skin was sore, my breathing was tight...I was a mess. 

And being sick while away from home has got to be the absolute worst thing in the world, no? All I wanted in that moment was my bed, my husband, and my little dog sleeping on my feet. 

Although I'm not 100%, most of my symptoms are gone and I'm starting to feel back to normal. And I just can't stop thinking about how no matter how good intentioned you are about getting work done and making things happen...when your body gives out on you, there's just nothing you can do but rely on the people around you. 

So when you think about the people in your life, make sure you have:

a husband who will drive to Shopper's Drug Mart at 5am 
and purchase the whole store 
(and 2 treats in case you're feeling better).

a friend who carries your super heavy suitcase 
all the way from the bus stop to his place in Toronto 
(I love you, Kev!).

a friend who lets you wear their sweater, and hog the window seat 
for a 6 hour bus ride home (I love you, Steph!).

amazing clients who have Neocitrin, Advil, 
and tissues waiting for you at a photoshoot.

and a wonderful Book Club that keeps picking great books 
month after month to keep you entertained.

So yeah, this is me...peeking out from the covers to say hello to the digital world again :) I've missed you all!

P.S...replace "Pam" with "Babe" and this reflects the last 6 days of my life.


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  1. Welcome back! We've missed your blogging!!!


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