a weekend in mt. tremblant

Before I left for a weekend in Mont Tremblant, I posted about that pesky STEP 6 in my goal setting homework -- and how I was really looking forward to figuring out my 2013 vision while I was away. 

And although there was very little quiet time and a whole lot of party time, I was able to put together a vision of how I wanted 2013 to be...and how I wanted the next 5 years or to look like.

I am so so so excited to be heading to North Caroline tomorrow morning for the Making Things Happen Intensive, and I definitely feel more prepared after spending this weekend doing the things that fire me up :)

Here are a couple photos from our weekend away...

Can you tell we don't ski? But we have friends who do :) 

I told Beans I wasn't leaving Tremblant until I had one of those maple syrup stick things...SO insanely delicious...

This is the lovely chalet where we stayed!

Such a great trip and we lucked out with AMAZING weather! I think I left my coat in the car the whole weekend! 

Hellooooo Spring :)


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