big bed, perfect town...ready to make things happen

This morning I woke up in a bed that's way too big for just one person, and in a town that seems more like a movie set than a real place...

I woke up this morning in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, ready to start my day and MAKE. THINGS. HAPPEN.

I'm writing this post so that I don't forget how excited I am at the idea of walking over to The Carolina Inn and meeting Lara Casey and Nancy Ray and a ton of other inspiring women. I'm writing this post so that I remember what it feels like to wake up with a sense of purpose, mixed with a touch of excitement and fear.

I'm writing this post because when I'm finished with my work here in Pleasantville, I might not even be able to recognize my old self.

Three words: I. AM. READY.

(P.S. if you want to stay updated with photos from the trip, 
find me on instagram! @laurakellyphoto)


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