loving lately: southern weddings + the peanut butter ratio

I love SO many things right now...

I love my morning coffee ritual that I've started up again, I love joining my lovely friend Brittany for spin class, I love great conversations over Google Hangout with friends I made in North Carolina...but here are 3 things that I'm sure EVERYONE can love:

(and listen to the song too, because it's GOOD and 
I challenge you to NOT tap your foot and 
dance in your chair while you listen! Impossible.)

1. DECLUTTERING!! I've been really into decluttering my home AND my digital world lately, and I have soooo much more to share and blog on this topic and can't wait to get to it. But for now, I've just been instagramming my progress with conquering the problem areas in my house -- like my linen closet, or my pots and pans drawer. And honestly, I can't tell you how refreshing it is to have LESS STUFF. Also, my blog readers are hopping on the decluttering bandwagon and this makes me very, very happy :)
2. Southern Weddings V5! On the last day of the Making Things Happen Intensive, all 100+ creatives gathered in a gorgeous ballroom for about 2 hours of mingling and picture taking with our idols, and the crew at Southern Weddings graciously offered a magazine to each of us. I read mine cover to cover, like a book piece of art on the plane ride home. I've been obsessing over Southern culture ever since I got home, and I have been passing around the magazine to all my future Brides :) Give me a shout if you want it next!!!!
3. Insanely overpriced fro-yo experiencesMy lovely friend Kayla and I still had more to talk about after we had finished dinner and paid our bills, so logically...we continued up Merivale Road and stopped in at Menchies for the first time ever :) If you're looking for an 8 dollar bowl of ice cream, this place is for you. If you love trying new things and also happen to like being in control of your own peanut butter sauce and cookie dough ratio...this place is definitely for you. 
And, as always, here's a tune I'm loving lately:

{a note about this song: I am obsessed. I literally play it over 
and over and over again, and cannot get enough.}

P.S...I joined a book club! How exciting! I've downloaded the book to my Kindle and am planning to start digging into it TODAY. Accountability, friends...!! It's a wonderful thing :)

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