a room full of really really smart people...

Last Friday afternoon, Beans and I drove up to Toronto with two of our very best friends, for a weekend of non-stop accounting-style celebration.

The first real event was the formal CA Convocation, where all of the successful UFE writers from all of Ontario would walk across the stage. 

Since everything was held in Toronto, a lot of the parents didn't attend, which lead me to feel some sort of responsibility to get photos of each graduate from E&Y. 

Plus, Ryan's parents weren't going and I know they would have loved to be there... so I promised them I'd take photos.

No pressure. 

Bonus points if you can spot the Beans...

Some of it was boring, like every graduation, but the guy in front of us had the right idea by taking a wee snooze. 

There he is :) By now he knows to look for my camera in the sea of waiting parents...

There was also a special part of the convocation dedicated to the top 50 writers, and our lovely friend Jeremy was one of them. 

We are so proud of you Jer! 

Afterwards, we headed to the E&Y reception, where Beans posed for me so that I could test my settings for a group photo. 

By the way...this is what happens when someone steals my camera...

Beans may or may not have been enjoying the open bar...

We took a breather after this, and got all dressed up for the dinner & dance portion of the night, which was a total BLAST :) 

Unfortunately I don't have many photos of our fun night of mingling and rocking it out on the dancefloor, but I've pulled some instagrams from various friends who attended, to piece the night together...

And on our way up the elevator, I spotted IAN LYNCH from 1 GIRL 5 GAYS...

I was shocked. I stared at him with my mouth open for at least 10 seconds, quickly asked Beans if I should go over, to which he said, "you have to."

I went up to him, said "omg are you IAN????" 

Long story short, we hugged, Beans took a photo (but Ian blinked in the first one, so like a pro-photographer's husband he took a second, bless him), and we hugged again, and parted ways. 

I immediately posted this on instagram, with shaking hands...

But here's the best part...I was telling the story of my celebrity run-in to one of the writers we know from Toronto, and she says "I know him! I know him well! Wanna go hangout with him?"

...I cried. 

Literally, I cried. 
People started making fun of me, and I just kept crying. 

She takes me over to where he is in the crowd, introduces me to his boyfriend (who is a successful UFE writer, hence why Ian Lynch is at an accounting party...), and then Ian taps me on the shoulder and says "hello again!"

We ended up chit chatting for about 45 minutes (says Beans, to me it felt like mayyyybe just over 7 mins), and I learned that he is the sweetest person on the planet, and a total human being. I said something super random like "I'm so glad I could meet you before you become so famous that you don't have time for the little people." He seemed to like that :)

No big deal or anything, but I know Ian Lynch.


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