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I get asked fairly often how I fill my Winters with work (one time I was asked in a really condescending way and I sort of flipped my lid and made this salty blog post, which, you should read if you haven't already...)

The answer is a combination of office work, posts like the ones you've been reading from me over the last couple weeks (click here to see more from my year in review series), and branding photography sessions! 

The off-season is the perfect time to pour into my other work as a branding and social media photographer, providing shoots for other small business owners such as Joelle, a spray tan artist who I met a few weeks ago for this beautiful shoot in her magazine worthy home!

For Joelle's branding and social media session, we decided to combine some lifestyle headshots (lifestyle meaning not "stuffy," or overly posed, and taken in natural light vs. against a backdrop), as well as some product shots, details she can share on instagram to grow her brand, and action shots of her process and experience. 

Before any sort of branding photography session, my job is to figure out what MESSAGES my clients are hoping to share with their audience. Once I know the content, I can start to piece together a set of complimentary visuals. 

Joelle wants to make her clients feel completely comfortable, cared for, safe, and welcomed. These shots of her process evoke those feelings, wouldn't you agree?

Plus, clients love to know about the little details that we take for granted as a business owner! They want to be informed, and the right photography can make that super easy to write about. 

Joelle is such a sweet soul, it was SO easy to capture her in her home. If you're looking to book yourself a branding and social media session, contact me here and I can send you lots of information to prepare. 

Joelle arranged to have a few models (past clients, friends, family) join us to add some skin tone diversity, since that's an important piece of her business as a spray tan artist. 

Brand photography has many goals, which is why I create an eclectic mix of shots that can be used on your website, your social media, a business card, etc.

Plus, how great is it to have your OWN lifestyle content to share when you are creating posts for brand awareness! A shot like this that conveys emotion can be repurposed so easily for dozens of posts, announcements, emails, or promotions. 

I consider myself a branding consultant on top of a photographer, which is why I guide my clients through this session while thinking of outside-the-box photo ideas. 

Since shooting with Joelle, it's been so cool to see her put these photos into action. Check out her instagram to see more!

By the way, if you're wondering about the details of a session like this one, I can tell you that we were able to achieve these multi-faceted images over the span of 2 hours.

A typical branding and social media session results in 80 unique, edited images per hour of shooting. With Joelle's session, we ended up with close to 200 photos. 

I personally recommend starting out with a 1 hour session that combines the lifestyle headshots with a smaller collection of branding and "stock" shots, so that you can test out the material and see what's working well for your brand. 

At your next session, likely 4-6 months after, we will have a better idea of what content to really focus on, and a 2 hour shoot would be absolutely ideal. 

If you'd like to set up a quick chat about your branding session and start to brainstorm some content ideas with me, contact me here!

Joelle left me the sweetest email after our shoot, and I thought I would share it with you today:

Thank you so very much for bringing the energy and the creative vibes at the branding session. You took all the ideas that were in my head, and made them a reality. The quality of the photos is just astonishing: I have a business and it looks BADASS and filled with LIGHT! 

You worked amidst the chaos, as if nothing was happening in the background. The photos are just so natural, full of light, joy and calm. Your ideas were just so appreciated and really brought my vision to life. 

I cannot wait to execute on my new branding strategy and leverage your work to help me get to my goal. 

Thank you for working with my 'kitch' vibes ha! You were truly a gem and it felt as if I've known you for so long. You totally got me, and it really made me feel safe to have you handle this project. Baby business no more! 


I can't wait to work together again in the future!! xo


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