meghan + shaun | billings estate museum engagement photographer

I had tears in my eyes when I found out she was engaged, and I'll have tears in my eyes behind the camera as the events of their wedding day unfold. 

Meghan has been a dear friend for the last four years after meeting at my very first book club meeting. We liked each other instantly, probably because we look alike and share a thick layer of sarcasm, a similar sense of humour, and an obsession with Kylie Jenner.  

And part of the reason that her engagement season makes me so emotional is because she so clearly found her other half in Shaun. This guy loves big, laughs big, and is the life of the party. Somehow Meghan shines even brighter when he's around. And for this beautiful, intelligent, amazingly kind human being, I couldn't wish for anything more. 

And on that, I wish I was drinking fancy champagne and watching the leaves Fall. CHEERS to the weekend, friends!! 

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