7 more etsy finds to love!

I'm an all-or-nothing type person. I either shop for an hour and leave the mall with absolutely nothing, or I go crazy and tackle a long list of things to buy for the family. Today was the latter. By the end of it I could barely hold all my bags in one hand. Halloween costume pieces for Coop, a skirt for Jilly for our upcoming family photos, makeup refills for me -- I got it all and walked out of the mall with a huge smile on my face, and a craving for a pumpkin spice latte. You know, just to round out the day.  

Earlier this year I wrote a blog post called, "7 Etsy Finds to Fall in Love With" and it is still getting talked about amongst my brides and bridesmaids. So in honour of my wildly successful shopping day, I decided to do a little spend-less shopping online, and bring you 7 more etsy finds to fall in love with :)

First up: these cute and re-useable bags for your bridesmaids gifts. Jillian gave me the idea earlier this fall and I'm now obsessed. Sure, they're pricier than gift bags, but if you work that into your total gift budget it's definitely doable.  

Custom cake toppers are all the rage right now. I've never photographed one of these wire ones and I happen to think it's super cute.

The champagne toast moment is becoming a staple in the getting ready process for the bride and her girls. One of my favourite champagne toasts comes from Krista's wedding last year. The girls had engraved glasses with their names and titles. These stemless ones from Etsy are amazing and I kind of want a set for Ry & I :)

I'm not entirely sure how practical these engraved mr. & mrs. forks are, but how cute for a cake table...

I'm all about a personalized ring box. It's a great detail for the shots on the morning of the wedding day, but it's also an amazing keepsake and a place for you to keep your jewellery if you ever plan on taking it off. If you're really into engraved pieces, this Etsy shop is MASSIVE and has everything you could ever need. 

Here's my philosophy on wedding favours, not that you really asked for it. 

It's becoming more popular to donate the amount that you would have spent on wedding favours to a charity that's meaningful to you as a couple. Personally, I love this. However, if you'd really love your guests to go home with a memory from your day, I can honestly say that well thought out gifts are adored and talked about by the guests. 

My favourite favours from 2016 weddings so far include a personalized wine opener for a couple who loves wine and fine food, and homemade cows milk soap from a couple who raise their own dairy cows.

If you're thinking "let's just do two chocolate truffles in a box," I'd encourage you to think about doing something that really reflects who you are as a couple. Here's a great (& functional) favour I found on Etsy.   

Since everyone was talking about Megan & Roy's welcome sign from this past August, I had to include it in this post :) Chalk in Hand is absolutely outstanding and I'd love to photograph one of her pieces again!

Happy Friday, friends!! I hope your weekend is filled with pumpkin spice lattes and a treat-yo-self attitude <3   


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