why I hustle

Last night, I sat in a room with 20 or so young women who own, or dream of owning, their own business. The topic was productivity and time management. Because the group was so diverse (etsy shop owners, blog writers, calligraphers, etc.), so was the conversation. 

Some of us like putting pen to paper and making to-do lists while others use pricey time-management apps. One thing that remained the same, though: almost everyone admitted that they struggle to work FAST and to work WELL. For some, the lack of motivation started as soon as they opened their eyes. Mindlessly grabbing for a phone and scrolling through social media, putting off working out, answering one email, a second email, and then getting completely distracted with Netflix -- it seemed everyone had their own brand of procrastination.

While I can admit that I sometimes find myself lost in the endless scroll of Instagram, the desire to hustle isn't something I would say I struggle with. But I'm 99% sure that's because of the nature of my work. 

Have you ever waited for professional photos? It is the most torturous task! You're simply DYING to see how everything turned out, whether it was the backdrop for your daughter's first birthday party, the hair and makeup of your engagement session, or the details of your perfect wedding day. It doesn't make the waiting any easier as every single person you come in contact with asks to see photos. 

My goal is always to get a sneak peek out within 24 hours. Even one single photo can be enough for a newly married couple to take that long and happy sigh; the one that says, "Wow. That really happened. You're my husband, and I'm your wife."

That's why I hustle. 

If I know my couple is hopping on a plane at 1pm, you better believe there's a sneak peek up by noon, so that when they sit down and connect to the airport wifi, there's a little surprise waiting for them on Facebook. There's no option to roll out of bed and waste the hours of the day when there are happy people waiting desperately to get a taste of your work.

Fast forward a couple days, a few more sneak peeks, and a lot of buzz created amongst the wedding party, wedding guests, and the family, and now we're seeing 80+ photos on the blog, featuring my favourite photos and moments from whole day. If my couple is seeing their blog post while they're on their honeymoon, I feel like I've done my job.

In case that's not enough of a reason to hustle, vendors LOVE to see photos of their work immediately following an event. If the florist is going to share a bouquet photo on a Tuesday after the wedding, it's either going to be the one she took on her phone, or a professional shot that you've already posted. Only one of those photos has the power to help other people discover your work, and it's not the iPhone photo, friends..

So while I don't use an app that tells me I should be posting something on Instagram or finishing up a client's gallery, the drive comes from within. I put myself in my bride's shoes, asking what I think she would love as her post-wedding experience. The experience I hope to create for each and every Laura Kelly Bride is one of continued pleasant surprises. Work hard friends, because they will always notice.   


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