the work is never done

Someone shared this sentiment with me over coffee last week:

"Your to-do list will never be empty. Embrace it."

Her words washed over me without being soaked in. It reminded me of the popular saying, "life is a journey, not a destination." It's a cliché. By nature it's the kind of thing that doesn't really make you stop in your tracks as if this were new information. 

Of course the to-do list won't ever be empty. The work is never done. 

Days later it felt like something slapped me inside my brain, saying "ENJOY! Simply enjoy!" I went back and thought about what my friend and said. There's nothing waiting for you at the end of a list of completed tasks except for another list of tasks that need completing. And that's the good stuff. Chug away at your life and find as much happiness in it as you possibly can. Don't wait for your vacation to start sight seeing. Don't wait for the right time to do the scary thing you know you HAVE to do. Don't wait for your weekend to start relaxing. Don't wait for your home decor to be "finished," because finished doesn't exist. 

Keep working at it. Keep enjoying. 

I think doing both of those things at the same time is the true meaning of balance. 


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