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Shaun is my brother-in-law, and since I've been on the scene for close to 7 years now, we have shared many a family dinner together. And I'll never forget the speech he gave at my wedding, about how he considered me a sister :)

But when it comes to Shaun and Sherry, there were bits and pieces of their romance that remained a mystery to me until the wedding party started making speeches at their wedding!

The stories about Shaun chasing her around the store where they worked...and how Sherry told her friends about this guy she had was the sweetest thing. 

Attending a wedding for a family member is wonderful, but having the whole family fly south for a DESTINATION wedding is just that much better :) I am so excited to share the images from their beautiful wedding day...

Doesn't every Bride do a bit of editing on her vows on the morning of her wedding? 

I absolutely adore this moment...

How many Groomsmen does it take to dress the Ring Bearer? Apparently all of them.

And here's the part where Mom cries when she gets a gift. Every...single...time. Love that about her!

Our adorable parents, right before walking down to their seats :)

The moment I took this, I knew it would be one of Shaun's favourite images from the whole day. He has the most unbelievable relationship with our Grandad...

Sherry's entrance created quite the crowd at the beach...(couldn't resist.)

It couldn't have been more perfect...the parasail floated by just moments before their first kiss... :)

Any excuse for photos of these two people on my blog, and I'll use it 

The dancing shots were a blast, because everyone knew me and wasn't afraid to let loose in front of my camera...

I think I'll end this post with one of my favourite shots of Shaun and Sherry's first dance as husband and wife... :)



  1. CONGRATULATIONS SHERRY!!! you looked absolutely beautiful <3 xo

  2. Saw a link to this on B's facebook - Laura, your photography is amazing!

    Every one of these pictures is absolutely stunning and captures the personalities perfectly.

  3. This is a beautiful wedding :)


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