skipping town & social media free!

My phone can be a bit of an issue for me...and it turns out that one dose of a reality check (a.k.a. Making Things Happen last March) doesn't make for a permanent cure.

After MTH, I started leaving my phone in my purse to avoid constantly checking social media, and I even slept with my phone charging in a different room for awhile (if you've been to MTH, you know this is a MUST!). But these things fade...

I've started to become addicted to my phone again, and it's rearing it's ugly head and getting in the way of my REAL life. The easiest way to tell: most days I need to do a little bit of mid-day recharging in order to keep my phone alive until bedtime. That's just insane.

So on that note, I'm pretty happy to announce two very exciting things:

I've booked myself a ticket to ROUND 2 of Making Things Happen! Same location (sunny Chapel Hill, NC), and even some of the same speakers...but this time around it'll be different. I know a little bit more about what I'm going into, and I definitely know that there will be just as much to take away as last time. 

I'm also super excited to be making this trip with two friends: Stephanie from White Ribbon Accents and Sarah from Sarah Walsh Bridal. Right now we're thinking of driving down to NC. Yay for a possible road trip with friends!!

I'm skipping town for the weekend with my love, for some quality time at his parents' cottage. Nothing but sunshine, dips in the lake, and reading Lolita (this month's book club read!)

This weekend couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I really need this 48 hours without cell signal to regroup and kick my addiction. I'm planning to be back on Monday, refreshed and replenished, with beautiful photos of cottage life.

So with all that said, I wish you all wonderful weekends! 

And if you're up for the challenge...
put away those phones and ENJOY YOUR LIFE!!


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  1. have a great wekeend! looking forward to pics of the cottage!


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