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A little while ago, I put together a website that could help answer all of the questions that I get asked about engagements and weddings. It covers things like what to wear, how to choose a location, and a little bit about what to expect during the shoot. 

Katelyn & James' engagement is such a great example of everything I wrote on this guide, and I'll tell you why. Let's start with location...

A few days ago, we met up on a beautiful night at the Ornamental Gardens, which was a PERFECT choice for these two. As we walked around the gardens, Katelyn and James relived the night when he proposed in that very spot. 

James told me about the part where she hugged him and he became paranoid that she had felt the ring. 

Katelyn told me about how that whole year, anytime they went somewhere nice, she was anticipating a proposal.

James showed me the spot where he hid the ring; right behind the sundial...waiting for his beautiful fiancee-to-be to walk up those steps toward him.

Talk about a beautiful spot for photos...the combination of this tree and that light made me so happy.

Big pink balloon...two happy people in love...it just doesn't get much better than that. I LOVE these ones!!

After a quick outfit change, we ended up at the dock of Dow's Lake for some casual shots. That's another thing that I touched on in my FAQ website! Most couples like to opt for two different outfits to get some variety for the shoot. 

I love their bright and punchy colour choices here!!

Might be one of my FAVES from this session...I just love the light in her hair!

Okay...I just can't handle all this lovey goodness.

PROPS! All of these beautiful personalized touches add up to make Katelyn & James' engagement session extra special. And doesn't she have great taste when it comes to colours? 

Perfection. Seriously...

This photo...my last frame of the night. I just adore the way these two love each other.

Katelyn & James are getting married next June, 
and I'm officially excited! 

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  1. one of my favourite sessions of yours from EVER!

    love this one :)


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