a little bit MIA...

Last week I was missing in action because of a nasty little flu bug...but this week I have an even better excuse as to why I've been slacking on my blog:

There's a really exciting photoshoot in the works!!!

On Saturday afternoon (well, let's face it, it'll take up the whole day), a bunch of amazing wedding vendors are getting together to create a shoot that we're calling a "coffee elopement". 

What makes this shoot cool is our unique concept that's pushing outside the box of your typical wedding styled shoot, along with the fact that we've pulled some talented people who are quite new to the wedding scene. These next two days are going to be busy busy busy getting ready for all this magic. 

I'm so excited!! 

P.S...here's a little taste of the original Pinterest board we put together with coffee related inspiration. 

You better believe we'll be eating and drinking these props when we're done...!

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