brittany + brent | code's mill DIY wedding in perth

You know those couples who still share one side of a booth when they're 80?

And you know how when you see one of those rare couples, you think...they must just love each other to pieces... 

Well that's Brittany and Brent. They're the couple who make other couples jealous ("why can't you be more like [insert either Brittany or Brent here]?"). The ones who can laugh and play around as if it were their very first date. They way he looks at her...the way she looks at him...I don't know which is better. 

And I'm the luckiest girl in the world to call these two people my friends and also photograph their amazing wedding day. 

Brittany and Brent -- I love you guys! June 22nd will always hold a special place in my heart.

Brittany was the most stunning bride EVER in this Vera Wang gown...

Thankfully, Brent didn't actually get Brittany a vacuum...or a knife set...or a case of beer.

Inside that big box was a beautiful bracelet and pair of earrings from Magpie, which Brittany put on immediately :)

Okay, ready to cry? I love these images of Britt's parents opening their cards.

The gentlemen were getting ready over at the hotel across from Code's Mill...

Couldn't help but sneak a peek at Brent's vows on the nightstand :)

This card. Enough said.

Brittany and Brent opted for a first look before their ceremony, so that they could get more time for photos, and have a more relaxed schedule. 

I love this private moment right before they see each other for the first time!


Although the day was a little bit rainy, that didn't stop these two from venturing through fields, walking over bridges, and looking madly in love while they did it. 

Plus, Britt was prepared with the cutest umbrellas ever, so why not use 'em!

Emily was the perfect person to bring along for help. This girl carried multiple umbrellas for us, put down blankets where we needed them, and kept everyone's spirits high. 

Only a best friend would say, "who cares if I get a little wet...this is all about the Bride & Groom."

Did I already pick a favourite? New favourite. 

Time to party! Code's Mill in Perth was the perfect spot for Brittany & Brent's rustic personal touches. And seriously, the friendliest staff ever!

Brent leading the Conga line. I can't make this stuff up. 

I could go on and on with photos from this hilarious evening of dancing and partying, but I'll finish up with another favourite from the day...

I hope you're loving every second of your honeymoon in HAWAII!!!

All my love.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL wedding!!! well done :) love you guys!


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