must be nice to have a photographer in the family!

"Wow, it must be nice to have a photographer in the family!"

I hear that a lot :)

And it's true! But not just for's nice for me too, because it means a lot that they want ME to document their milestones for them.

I'm sure by now you recognize these people: 

It has been so much fun to follow Shaun (Ryan's brother) and Sherry on their journey through all of these fun stages...from maternity, to Nathan's birth, and their church wedding two weekends ago :)

And now, I am so so so so excited to be flying out tomorrow morning for their wedding in PUNTA CANAAAAA!!! Their church wedding was such a tease, and I'm ready for flip flops and an insane amount of passionfruits... 

Yeah, you read that right...I am literally AS EXCITED for the all-you-can-eat 
passionfruits as I am about the hot weather. Ever since Joelle introduced 
me to them, they're all I think about. 

Another destination wedding -- man, some days this job 
seems too good to be true :)

P.S...just because I knew my brother would be asking "where's our collage?" I thought I'd include that as well lol...


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