life in montreal {my day with jamie delaine}

In case you don't know...this is Jamie

She is lovely. She is also a photographer. And the inspiration behind me starting up my business and running it the way I do. I adore her. 

And today marks another thing crossed off my list...

#24: meet jamie delaine

April 3rd, 2012.

As I sat in bed, after getting slightly sick of reading my book, I checked Google Reader to see if any of my Vegas friends posted anything new. To my great happiness, Jamie Delaine (whom is not one of my Vegas friends unfortunately, but the photographer I aspire to most), had recently posted about her tuesday flus & dreams.

I read...and then I reread...and then I read again. Until I was 100% sure that she said she would be willing to come back to Montreal sometime to shoot. I emailed her within minutes telling her:

I want, no, I neeeeeeeeeed you to
shoot me in Montreal.

I also said something cheesy about how she was the photographer I would kill to be in front of...

I hoped and prayed and crossed all fingers and toes that she would write me back saying something along the lines of, SURE THING, how's tomorrow work for you?! And although it didn't happen exactly like that... she did reply.

She wrote that she'd be coming to Montreal sometime in August. She gave me a date and said, how's this? Regardless of what I had going on, I would make it work. 

But then she sent me another email, before I even had time to reply. was bad news. Her wedding calendar filled up to the brim and she wouldn't have a chance to hit up Montreal after all. 

I was pretty disappointed...but I figured that since meeting Jamie was on my list of 101, somehow it would work out. Somehow, I'd find myself in front of her camera. 


And to my great delight, about a month ago I saw on Facebook that she was planning a Montreal trip for this fall!

And even though Ryan was back to working like a crazy person, and I knew that he wouldn't be able to take a day off to head to Montreal for the session, I booked a time with Jamie for just me. Some head shots for my website, I thought! 

Booked, paid, okay...I'm going to meet Jamie :)

And then something crazy happened. Ryan was asked to work in Montreal for 2 weeks, get this...DURING the time I'd be going to meet Jamie.

So suddenly the engagement session was BACK ON! Jamie kindly changed the time of our session so that Beans could join us on his lunch break. I 

I'm writing this from my hotel room, after just getting home from the most amazing day spent with Jamie. There are barely words to describe how great it was to finally meet her, have her take engagement photos of Beans and I, share a coffee with her, and stroll the streets of Montreal. 

We went to the most amazing cafe called Olive et Gourmando. Jamie had been there before and I can't even explain just HOW delicious the food was. We had coffee and lunch (truffle mac & die for), and chatted about all kinds of things for hours.

We found a really cute little shop with scarves and bags and handmade jewellery. Definitely could have hung out in there all afternoon, there was so much to look at. 

Anyway...I adore Jamie. So so so much. I can't thank her enough for being such a lovely person to spend some time with while I'm here in Montreal. Oh, and of COURSE...I can't wait to see the photos ;)

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  1. love this post. your engagement photos are so adorable, laura. and what a treat to be on the other side of jamie's camera! she is amazing!


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