beans and i, looking in love and stuff :)

I sat down and plugged my computer in this morning (we're back in Montreal this week!), only to open up Facebook and see 22 notifications!

Feeling that "Hollywood" is quite rare for I held my breath and squinted my eyes hoping that I'd see the notifications I was hoping for. And to my great delight, I saw this:

Excitement doesn't even come close. 

I literally squealed and went immediately to Jamie's blog, because I wanted to experience the photos there FIRST, in the way that I know Jamie would want me to experience them. 

And I fell in LOVE.

Here are a couple of my favourites :) 

Jamie is super talented (and Beans is super cute), so going through her blog post was such a great experience. 

And get this! I got to take a couple photos of her too, after we finished our session and were just hanging out. She made one of them her profile picture...

Can you say...HUGEST HONOUR EVER?!

P.S... I totally get how clients feel
when they finally get to see their images :)

It makes me want to be FASTER than I already am!


  1. aw you're so cute. glad you've LOVING EM. i'll send the gallery soon!

  2. WOW! I love them, and your choice in clothing! ugh i'm dying over here, you guys are so cute!


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