Because of Showit, my website has always been something that I'm proud of. Showit allows me to make changes and add photos to my site whenever I want, which means my newest and best work is always getting showcased to new potential clients.

But my blog...well, I signed up for my blog on the very first day I went into business. I picked Blogger because it was the first thing that came up when I searched "free blog platform" on Google. Which makes sense, since Blogger is a Google product and all...

But anyway, I set up my blog, picked a fairly random (& free) URL, and slapped a title on it in big, black letters reading "Laura Kelly Photography." I put up a post with pictures of the cupcakes I baked over the weekend. 

There, totally legit right?!

Looking back, my fairly random (& free) URL was pretty ridiculous. Sending people to my blog was always a hassle so I'd usually send them to my site and tell them to click "blog" on the left side. I mean, how would anyone remember this URL...

A couple months later, when my business was starting to really grow, I purchased a custom URL that I could use for my blog address. Something that made much, much more sense. 

But when I tried to set it up, I ran into problem after problem. And when it comes to things I don't fundamentally understand (like DNS management and proxy servers and such), I get frustrated very easily. So I gave up. 

And then the months rolled by and over a year later and I still hadn't set up my blog at the custom URL. But this week during a late night conversation in bed, I told Beans how I felt so silly having not finished the set up. He said "why haven't you mentioned it before now? I can help you."

Really good question...

So I handed over my computer, gave him my login info for all of the necessary sites, and ten minutes later, he says this:


So don't I feel like an idiot for not asking for Beans' help sooner...

Anyway, all this to say I finally put my big-girl-blogging-pants on (although it's more like Beans put them on for me) and I finally have my blog pointed to a custom URL. Something much less sketchy than the free option.

This blog will now show up at:

Now that's legit.

And thank you Beans, for helping me do all of the hard things in life :)

P.S...the old address should be redirecting to the new one, so if you have it bookmarked you're probably fine to leave it the way it is. But please let me know if you run into issues with it because I def wanna know! (And by the way, I think right now you need to have the www. in there in order to make the URL work, but I'm looking into how to fix that. If you know how, hook me up!)

P.P.S...I'm loving Google's homepage today :)

Happy Halloween!

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