There was no way for me to anticipate the relationship I'd have with my Brides.

Simply because I don't think it exists all that often! The whole clients-turned-friends situation. 

I posted a couple things on my Facebook page last week, and if this doesn't show you how lucky I am to have the clients I have...I don't know what will :)


So although I had lots of places I could send him, one of my loveliest clients EVER reached out with a personal message letting me know she would be happy to have Weezy for the week of the wedding! 

I sweet to offer! I had to take her up on it, because I know how much I would enjoy a week with Shawna and Shawn lol, so surely Weezy would be in great hands :)


So, how could this little post turn into an offer that makes me SO grateful for my amazing clients? Well...

A couple hours after I posted this, I got an email from one of my 2013 Brides, letting me know that she knows a place I can buy real hair extensions for my wedding, and that...GET THIS...she would actually be willing to sew them together for me!

I had been trying for a couple weeks, maybe even more, to get my hands on some hair extensions that will work with my colour, length, etc. and suddenly I had a lunch date with Brittany so we could venture to this creepy wig store to find the best match to my hair colour. 

I mean...what?! How did all of my problems just magically get solved...

I am so grateful for my Brides and Grooms, they're such good people :)

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