a moment...

So I'm having a moment. 

A moment where I feel really badly for the piddly amount of photos I take of my own life. Photos of my life. With Beans. 

Sure, I take instagram photos pretty much on the daily, but they're of boring things. Lunch. Weezy's current napping position. The nail salon. Movie tickets.

But I've been so completely engulfed in taking pictures for business purposes, that I've almost forgotten what it's like to photograph...for fun. 

This makes me feel horrible, mostly because it's something I said I'd never let happen. It was one of the big fears when I thought about going into business in an area that I love so much. What if taking pictures stops being fun?

But I can say for sure, for absolute sure, that this hasn't happened yet.

Taking photos is still fun.

I still love it.

The only problem...is that I'm not doing it enough. OR I'm doing it too much. Too much that I'm not leaving myself with enough time to document the days as they pass, the things that I'd love to be able to look back on and remember later.

But then I ask myself...why would I purposefully stop taking photos of my life?

And I realize...I haven't been doing anything photo worthy lately.

How awful is that?

I've been sitting at my desk all day, and when I'm not there, I've been out shooting, or in traffic with Beans on the way to work. I've been watching movies under the covers before bed. I've been taking instagrams of Weezy napping in various positions.

And none of it requires me to actually bust out my big honking camera. Nothing is really...photo worthy lately.

I need to change that.

I need to start living in a way that makes me want to take my camera out, document the memories I'm making. See people, go places. Leave my house for increments longer than 2 hours.

I am challenging myself to disappear from my responsibilities for a little while tomorrow. To leave the house with my camera and come back with some fresh air in my lungs. And something pretty to look at.

Or hey, maybe I'm just starting to feel myself get older, what with a birthday looming only a week or two away.

{this photo was taken at a time when I carried my camera with me 
everywhere I went, just looking around for pretty things... 
it reminds me of a time before emails & editing}

and yes, it's 1:53am and this is the reason why I can't sleep.


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