meghan + shaun | tented wedding at cumberland heritage museum

When a person is so kind and loving that she essentially casts a forcefield of light around her at all times, it makes you wonder... how will she ever find someone who will do the same for her?

Maybe in a far distant year that would have been a potential concern for the people closest to Meghan. But that was in an era that they'll call pre-Shaun, before they knew that such a person existed and that he would be the absolute perfect match for their very best friend. There is no greater gift in friendship than trusting your friend's heart to another, knowing they will treat it well. 

For Meghan and Shaun, the forcefield of light could be seen covering an entire acre as their nearest and dearest dined by candlelight to celebrate the start of another chapter: that of husband and wife. Anyone who is lucky enough to have Shaun and Meghan in their lives knows what it feels like to share in their light. And after September 8th, they can feel a little bit more of the love that exists between them. 

It's with my whole heart that I share one of the largest collections EVER in a blog post: the wedding of Meghan & Shaun!  

I adore this group of ladies and have been picturing this moment for so long. Aaaand it was seconds before this photo that I had full tears in my eyes and ran over to Meg for a hug. I promised the girls I would keep it together for the remainder of the day... 

When this is the BOTTOM layer of your dress, you know it's going to be a showstopper: 

I've never seen Meghan look more radiant than this day! And seeing her dress go on was the icing on the cake.  

Pro tip: find yourself a Maid of Honour who doesn't tell you that one of the button hooks is broken until you're on the shuttle bus home at the end of the night. 

Meghan wore my very favourite Sarah Walsh Bridal studs -- the perfect bit of bling to elevate an already perfect dress! 


Can't think of a more perfect view than from the Andaz penthouse suite...!

Shoutouts to the ultimate glam squad for making these babes look their very best! Showpony and One Fine Beauty, you girls are unparalleled. 

I'd say she's ready for her big day... 

A few floors below, the gents were hanging out with my second shooter, Jess. I love how even though we were in different spots, our photos blend so perfectly! 

The ceremony and reception took place on the grounds of the Cumberland Heritage Museum. Most of us didn't even know this place existed, and yet on this gorgeous September day it looked and felt like it was MADE for weddings :)

Okay, ready for a blast from the past? Check THIS out... 

Julia is how I met Meghan and the girls in the first place, at a book club meeting in 2013! I had just recently decided that I was going to say yes to every opportunity as a way to try some new things and meet some new people. Since then, the relationships in my life have changed entirely (& for the better!). I am SO blessed to call these women my friends and it makes me so glad I said yes to that book club invitation!! 

Meghan did something I'd never seen before: a first look with some of her girlfriends who weren't in the wedding party! 

The sweetest :)

Quickly heading back to their seats as the ceremony was about to begin! 

Another friendly face: Meghan & Shaun's officiant, Ben, can be seen as the Groom in one of my signature weddings from 2016!! He absolutely hit it out of the park with this ceremony. 

Woops, another Groomie you'll recognize... I call him "Handsome Adam" and he's married to one of my favourite people. This guy is always a friendly face and stepped in as one of Shaun's Groomsmen.   

Let's keep the clients coming down the aisle, people. Next up: newly married Kate, whom you'll remember from her drop dead gorgeous wedding at Evermore just last month. 

Seeing Meghan in her gorgeous dress for the first time!

Probably one of my favourite candids from the day:

The ceremony was short and sweet while still being personalized and intimate. Also, remember when I said Handsome Adam was always a friendly face? Please note his expression on the far left... 

Beauties in the sunshine!! 

Basically twins:

Aaaaand I think that's the perfect place to call the portraits a wrap and move on to the second half of the evening: the stunning tented reception!


My book club girls! Erin on the right was the host of my very first meeting. You can see all of these girls over the years by looking back on the annual book club photo shoots!

OMG. No words!! This was my first time working with a cake by Bakery Baby and look how stunning!! 

Stacey and the team at The Design Co. executed Meghan's vision for this tent in a way that left us all a little bit speechless. I will never forget how bright and beautiful it looked at sunset and into the evening as the candles started to flicker during the toasts. 

When the cell phones go up it only means one thing: someone is about to RAP. THEIR. SPEECH... 

Kelly slayed this speech and it was all anyone could talk about all night. Such a surprise for Meghan and Shaun, and a seriously proud moment for Adam as you can see... 

Standing O all around, Kell! You KILLED it. 

I obviously stayed longer than I do at most weddings since we were also guests, and I discovered quite a few late night photos on my memory cards the next day... 

Kate & Mitch, this is my fave. 

I'm so happy we actually managed to get a book club group shot!! It's the only photo I'm in all day and Ry had the honour of taking it :) 

Meghan, I picture you scrolling through these photos while lounging on an elegant patio chair with a glass of wine in hand, watching the sun set in Greece.  

I picture you spending more time looking at the photos of your loved ones versus yourself, because that's exactly how you approach life. You have the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met. It's clear that everything thing you do, you do with care and precision. The event you've created here should be taken as solid evidence of that. I love you with all my heart and cannot WAIT to hang out once you're home. xo!!  


Design and Coordination: The Design Co.
Prep Location: Andaz Hotel
Bride's Dress: Allure Bridals
Bridesmaids Dresses: Hayley Paige
Bridal Party Robes: Nordstrom
Invitations: Minted
Bridal Accessories: Sarah Walsh Bridal
Cake: Bakery Baby 
Second Shot by: iDream Studios

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