best wedding photographer in ottawa | 2017 award

Three months ago I was nominated for an Ottawa Wedding Award, in the category of People's Choice Photographer. I was truly overcome with the wave of support that followed the nomination. I loved hearing from past Brides and spending a few moments getting caught up all these years later. The teachers at my kids' school were all, "we voted for you!" Even my dental hygienist was asking when we would find out the winner...!

When voting closed there was nothing more any of us could do. We simply had to wait for the glammed-up awards ceremony at the Infinity Convention CentreAnd when awards night finally came, with my husband by my side, I heard my name announced as the winner. 

To some, the people's choice award doesn't mean as much as a panel of established judges, but to me the "photography" part is only half of it. I'm in the business of people. 

Real people made my business thrive. Those people who trusted me and rooted for me made it possible for me to leave my day job and craft this life that I am excited to live each day -- they're the ones I aim to impress.   

To every one of you who took the time to cast a vote this year, I am so appreciative. If I could reach through my screen and give you a hug I would!

I am honoured to place this award in my office, right above the spot where I come to work every morning. It's a reminder that client service is just as important as knowing your craft. It reminds me that every bit of hustle is worth it, and that if you love people first and foremost, that love will find it's way back to you. 


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