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She casually invited me over for a cup of tea, giving me a brand new address to stick into my GPS. I parked one street over and walked up to a quaint little house with carpeted steps. I saw the sign that said Kennedy Event Planning, opened the door, and my jaw just dropped.

"Welcome to the space!" she said. 

I don't think I said anything for the first few minutes. "It's a work in progress," she told me, at which time I rolled my eyes and insisted she tell me where those gold shelving units were from ASAP. 

We drank tea, then champagne, and ate macarons in the centre of the studio, reminiscing about our 5 years of friendship. Our story is long and needs to be told over calamari and wine, but Shannon Kennedy and I have a special bond. Over the years I've watched her change as a person. I've watched Kennedy Events get bigger, then smaller, then bigger again. And to enter this cozy and inviting studio space for a team photoshoot was simply the best. 

Shan -- you know I'm usually overflowing with words. But when it comes to you and this business you've built, I'm basically speechless. I am so proud of you and very much delighted at the opportunity to capture this moment in your life. 

You've turned these blank walls into pure magic, and you've turned your name into a brand. For that, and many many more things, you're awesome.  

The team consists of Shannon, or "boss-lady," and the "minions." Allie & Sonya. Allie has taken a number of my workshops and Sonya has been my dinner date at 2 receptions if I'm counting right! 

Over tea, this is where Shannon meets with her clients initially and throughout their planning process. It's a space that screams her brand aesthetic, which is luxury, elegance, and sophistication. 

Firm believer that every space needs a gold pineapple... 

I think this is the part where we started drinking champagne... 

Inside Shannon's office it's basically a game of "count the pugs." She's obsessed (for good reason!) with her pug-children, and my only regret is not having them join us for the staff shoot. 

Love this crew! We polished off that bottle in record time. 

One final headshot before we wrapped up the shoot... 

My favourite.

My beautiful Shannon -- For being a person to bounce ideas off of, thank you. For being a ray of sunshine, thank you. For always opening a second bottle, thank you. And for letting me into your life (and answering my frantic phone call back in 2012!), thank you. 

I can't wait to see what's next for KEP! All my love!

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