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Whenever I post something other than a wedding or engagement, my email gets flooded with "ahh! I didn't know you did family photos!" emails. I happen to think that's pretty awesome, and while I wish I could do sessions like this all the darn time, I know that limitations are good. 

There was a time in the early days of my business where I was photographing 21 shoots a week. While my client base was exploding and my work was getting better and better, I also lost a bit of the fire that I believe needs to be with me for every single shoot. Bigger is not always better, folks. 

So a balance was struck: lifestyle family photos on a referral basis. 

It allows me to accept only a handful of sessions that really feel like a good fit for me. I still have time to dedicate to my wedding and engagement clients, while also capturing some beautiful moments for my friends and their growing families.  

Today I'm sharing a few favourites from Rachael's adorable family: two kids, one baby bump, her husband, brother, and parents. We all know that family photos are the best gift ever, and baby announcements make them even cuter!! 

These two are going to be the cutest big brothers!!

A happy mix of candids and a ton of direction. The photos in between usually end up being my favourites. 

A little snack time in the middle of the session never hurt anybody...

One day there will be 3 babies here! Rach...are you ready though!

The original crew. I think all "big kids" need updated family photos with their parents! 

If you're interested in a lifestyle family session, here's how you can get in touch!  

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