a quick but blissful maternity leave

Happy Friday, friends! 

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea how we are here already. It seems like just a few weeks ago I was posting a little personal announcement about how we are expecting a baby girl in the middle of Summer. And now I've shot my last wedding pre-baby and I'm officially starting a mat leave!

Three weeks may seem like a pretty quick maternity leave to some, but it's the nature of this crazy wonderful business :) I have such an amazing lineup of Fall weddings that I can't wait to photograph and share. Everything will die down by the end of October, and that's when it'll really feel like I'm on maternity leave.

There are a few notes I want to leave for anyone who has stumbled across my blog with a question...


The answer is, "I'd love to!" 

I have an FAQ website that's set up to answer pretty much any question you have about the wedding booking process, from packages and pricing to tips on what to wear to an engagement session. Please fill out this contact form so that I can get in touch with you when I'm back at my desk. In the meantime, happy wedding planning!  


I know you, oh sweet bride-to-be, and I know you're probably worried about contacting me with questions about wedding stuff when I could be in the middle of a delivery. But I want you to know that you can reach out any time! You have my cell number, feel free to shoot me a text. If I don't reply, maybe I really am having a baby. But if this delivery is anything like my last, I'll be happy to have some text messages to reply to between contractions. 

You're important to me, so please keep me in the loop! <3

Lastly, if you're sitting here thinking, "how can I keep up to date with baby related news?" then allow me to link you to my instagram account, as well as our Family Blog! I'll be updating both fairly regularly as we turn our family of three into a family of four. 

With that being said, Coop and I are headed to the park to soak up the sunshine on this beautiful Friday morning!

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