I will read this book. I WILL read this book.

I'm putting this out into the universe.

I will read this book. I will read this book. I WILL read this book. 

Transatlantic by Colum McCann is this month's book club pick, and I'll admit, I'm struggling with it. The only other book that I didn't finish was The Prisoner of Tehran, which was the very first meeting I attended. 

Even though the book club girls are gracious and don't judge when someone didn't finish a book, it kinda sucks to not know the ending! 

I am 105 pages in, with 201 pages to go. 

Oh yeah, and there are 6 days left. 

This blog post is my plea that if you see me out shopping or enjoying a Starbucks with a friend, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to chastise me for not reading.

In fact, I should probably be reading right now... 

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