behind the scenes | sarah walsh bridal + white ribbon accents

Earlier this week, I posted some of my favourite images from a shoot with Sarah Walsh Bridal and White Ribbon Accents and I love how easy and natural the final product came out.

With that said, behind each photo is a team of hardworking ladies making sure everything was as perfect as can be. And when it came time to edit, I found a bunch of behind the scenes images that I took while testing out my camera settings. 

I feel like it definitely gives a little peek into the work behind a project like this!

We were so lucky to work with Alyssa Beltempo on this shoot. She is our styling expert, and I swear we would be lost without her. 

Stephanie was my official model for testing light. She is going to HATE these photos being online, but I'll beg for her forgiveness later. 

And I'll leave you with these shots of the ladies who are responsible for this whole shoot and concept...

P.S. if you're into fashion, you'll LOVE Alyssa's blog...!


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