beans week 2 - the beansening

What is going on photography fans, this is Laura's husband, Beans, and welcome to another exciting iteration of Beans week - Laura is off at some fancy conference enjoying warmer weather so I'll be taking over the blog for the next few days.  Laura has given me her blessing this time, so it won't have the same sense of danger and excitement, but we'll still find some ways to have fun.

Just like last time I'll talk about my perspective as a layman on some photography stuff, and give you some husbandy insights into the world of your favourite photographer.

That being said, there's really only one thing on my brain these days and that is our pending pregnancy - it is completely new territory for Laura and I and we are savouring every moment of it.  We had our first ultrasound a couple weeks ago and it was breath-taking.  Of course, Laura is finding a lot of things breath-taking these days, with her asthma kicking it up a step in honour of our little bundle of joy.

Everyone tells you so much about savouring sleep and what to expect during your wife's pregnancy, but no one tells you how to deal with seeing your wife in pain.  Laura has had a great pregnancy so far, she is absolutely glowing and I have no right to complain, but I'm not used to seeing pain on her face and I haven't figured out how to cope with it yet.  I don't worry for one second that Laura is not strong enough to handle the stresses of pregnancy, my worry is that I won't be.

But never mind worrying, truly I'm nothing short of elated and April can't come fast enough so that we can finally meet the little one.  I'll leave the rest of that sappy stuff for the family blog (which, hunny if you are reading this I promise I will post to one day).

In the meantime there's another important topic I'd like to touch on: baby names.  As a "grown" man, naming a baby means finding a delicate balance between a name that is awesome:

But not so awesome that your wife sees through your plan to have a totally rad baby.  That maternal instinct starts to kick in and she starts throwing around words like "teasing" and "future quality of life" and "how would the name 'Gunnar Deatherage' look on a resume?"

Apparently it would look FABulous!

Personally, I came out of the gate way too hot with D'Artagnon early on in our relationship and now she is on to my tricks.  Superheroes and 17th century bad-asses aside, I think Brick is a pretty sick name and anyone who wants to win some real Beans points can start trying to convince Laura of that too.

And for a girl?  I think Claire is just perfect.  Just kidding, it's gotta be Macarena, every time we call her down for dinner it'd be an instant party.

Heyyyyyyy Macarena!

- Beans



  1. Nice read! I like the suggestions.

  2. It's lovely to hear about the update on the pregnancy, although I can understand her doubts about 'macarena' as a name.


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