a fond farewell

Happy Friday, photography fans!  Beans again, chiming in for the last time this week.  Laura's back from North Carolina safe and sound and so I'll relinquish my little piece of internet fame.

I actually spoke with Laura today, and my dear mother, about what I should write about.  They gave me so many great ideas that I just couldn't decide between them.  So, indecision being the mother of interesting blog posts (pretty sure that's a saying) we're going to do a rapid-fire speed round on suggested blog topics from the two most important ladies in my life.

Living as a Bachelor while Laura is Away:

I'm glad to see Augustus Gloop pursued a successful career in stock photography modelling

I don't sleep well without Laura next to me anymore, so this means I stay up way too late and indulge in a few high-school-era-Beans activities that I just don't get up to when I'm not on my own.  This is mostly playing Playstation and eating chips for dinner.  Needless to say, its a good thing she doesn't do any longer-term travelling.

Being Behind the Scenes at a Styled Shoot:

Regular readers will surely remember this gorgeous coffee-themed elopement that Laura and a bunch of her industry friends put on (check out the original post here for the full list of people involved and all the beautiful photos).  Well, listed under heavy lifting, lunch runs, and 24/7 support is none other than this humble guest-poster.  I came with Laura to help bring all the supplies up to the third floor studio, thinking I could head to the office afterwards and get some quiet weekend work done.

That never happened.

I was absolutely engrossed with the flurry of talent all around me.  Models were having hair and make-up done while food platters were being set-up for detail shots and outfits were being laid out.  I had to stick around to see it all come together and I'm glad I did - it was an absolute blast just to be around people who are so passionate about what they do.

That and the "groom", "best man" and I ended up sharing a bottle of whiskey and watching some Orange is the New Black on the TV.  Turns out girls take a lot longer to prepare for photo shoots than guys.  Who knew?

How Much I Love Our Dog, Weezy:

Pictured here, in his natural habitat

Can you tell Laura is helping me out with the pictures on this one?

I love him a lot.

What I Would Do If I Quit My Job and Followed My Dreams:

Laura dropped this little bomb on me last night while we were in bed and I was wooing her with my charming rendition of Think of Me from the Phantom of the Opera (I changed most of the lyrics to be about Weezy, see above).  Laura's success has always been amazing to me because my idea of a job was always sitting at a desk somewhere and putting in long hours while you're young, moving your way up the ladder.  But Laura was able to look at the skills and passions she had right now, and turn it into a successful business.

Ask any accountant on their way to their fourth 14 hour day this week and I'm sure they'll have a laundry list of jobs that they think would make them much better off in life.  Here's a few that my buddies and I have been very passionate about at one time or another:

  • Traffic cop - roads are always under construction in downtown Ottawa and there's always 4 or 5 cops just hanging out making sure everything goes smoothly.  Outside, on your feet, and can spend the morning chatting with your partner?  Sign us up.  We'd also love to be the cops at the Jays games.
  • Road kill picker-uppers - drive around all day, never know where you're going to be, jamming out and listening to music.  I legitimately have almost no sense of smell so this really has no downsides.  Pest control in general would also be fun, wrestling with raccoons all day.
  • Stop/Slow construction sign guy - this one is obvious.  All that power!
  • Heavy machinery operator - I saw a one of those backhoes with a giant jackhammer attachment on it.  Are you kidding me?  That's awesome.

Well, I think you get the idea.  Obviously we are only thinking about the best aspects of the jobs and we know that everybody has their problems, which is why I'm in an office surrounded by people who haven't left to pursue careers as professional ice cream tasters (actually I might look into that one).

So what could I actually ditch the calculator and pursue?  I honestly haven't found it yet.  The only thing firing me up right now is the thought of that little person growing inside of Laura. If crunching a couple numbers and then crunching about ten thousand more means a better life for him/her, then I'll dream about balance sheets that balance, and clients who kick us out of their office at 5pm.

Until the next time Laura is following her passions around the world, sincerely, I remain, your most humble guest-blogger,



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