little by little, win these battles

Even though I had a pretty clear picture of what I was walking into, I still came home from Making Things Happen feeling pretty overwhelmed.

Although this time it was in a different way...

(Just to clarify to a few new blog readers, MTH is a conference hosted by three amazing women in North Carolina who demonstrate how to live a life that's rich in purpose rather than stuff, how to set goals that actually mean something to your life, and how to identify the things that really make you happy so that you can spend more time doing them. It's pretty insane when I try to explain it...but it's all of that and more.)

This past March, I came home from MTH with a laundry list of things I needed to change about my life IMMEDIATELY. I wanted less clutter in my life. I wanted to keep my phone out of sight first thing in the morning. I wanted to say adios to every single one of the Kardashian shows. I needed to make some serious changes to my friend circle.

And I did those things. 

I was pretty impressed that I had attended MTH and came out the other side pretty put together. I had won my battles!

But then slowly but surely, little things came back...

I started letting random paperwork pile up in my office and crowd my desk. I started sleeping beside my phone again. I started looking to Instagram for reassurance based on likes and comments. It's a vicious vicious cycle and I was pretty disappointed in myself.

But then I got pregnant. there's a game changer. 

Suddenly I was sick of the clutter again! I didn't turn to Instagram for reassurance, and I started to crave the motivation I had felt in March. And right around that time, my friends Steph and Sarah signed up for MTH in October and before I knew it, so had I. 

A few people asked me this question:

Didn't you go already?

And if I'm being perfectly honest, that question started to weigh on me. Maybe they're right! If I'd already been, don't I know all the magic answers? Couldn't I just start living that MTH lifestyle again on my own?

I had a lovely answer ready for them though, which explained how you could re-do this intensive 10 times in a year and get a completely different experience out of it because one aspect has changed and that's you! No matter if you feel like you're stuck in a rut, your outlooks are changing month by month, and that means so are your goals/fears/intentions. 

But deep in the back of my head, I worried that I wouldn't get as much out of it as I did the first time. I also worried that attending for a second time would remind me how much I had failed to maintain from round one. 

I've never been so happy to be wrong...

And now that I'm home, equipped with a completely different set of tools, I'm going to win these battles, little by little, until I'm completely sure that I'm the person I want to be. 

Now, this really is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what I want to write about and share based on this experience, but I needed somewhere to start and that's what this post is about. 

I can't wait to write about what I thought I'd come away thinking vs. what I actually came away thinking. 

I can't wait to write about my CRAZY dream that I'm going to make happen next year. 

I can't wait to write about what I'm calling my 20/80 progress.

And I really can't wait to write about things like my safety-net people, my empty-blog/empty-life realization, and how I'm changing the way I define success. 

There's so much good stuff to come... 
Of that, I'm sure. 

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