am I doing this wrong?

That's my most common wedding-related question.

No, don't worry, it has nothing to do with my abilities as a wedding photographer, because I promise you, I have full faith in my ability to snag you a killer set of wedding photos :)

This actually has more to do with MY OWN wedding preparations.

In elementary school, I could argue that I was semi-popular. I was married to the funniest guy in class, and my 2 best friends and I formed this unstoppable club called the YKK Ponytails (obviously because we all had YKK on our zippers and wore our hair up in ponytails...why else?). Also, my brother was a teenager, and that was pretty freakin' cool at the time.

I've never been afraid to hold my own in a group. That is...until I became a bride.

The online bride community is so insanely vast and intimidating. I mean...all of these girls with their own ideas for crafts and goodies and the perfect isn't-this-to-die-for-centerpiece...I certainly don't fit into that crowd.

I joined a network of girls who are also getting married at the Majestic Colonial resort in Punta Cana, and I'm constantly in awe of their questions, answers, and comments about the wedding planning process. 

This whole brides-band-together thing really has me checking for metaphorical toilet paper stuck to my shoe (getting thoughts of Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed...anyone?)

Most days it feels like while everyone else is gracefully ticking things off their lists, this Bride is stumbling her way through every move in the most ungraceful way imaginable. But nevertheless, my wedding preparations are underway... 

I've picked out a couple things, made a Pinterest board for my wedding inspirations, and I'm currently planning a crafting weekend with my best girlfriends where we can gab, eat junk food, and fold a ridiculous amount of paper goods. 

We are approximately 3 months from the wedding date (November 20th) and although that might seem like a long way away, I feel like last time I checked I had over a year to go.

So this is where the wedding plans stand:

Dress: CHECK! (but since Beans reads this blog, that's as much as I'll say!)

Shoes: CHECK! I picked these up in Niagara with Shannon. Guess how much...I dare you. Guess. TEN DOLLARS. Now our 12-inch height difference will be down to 6-inches.

Robes for getting ready: ORDERED from this super cute etsy shop! I'm hoping they're as cute as the picture...

Paper goods for the tables

Something old: I still have to figure out what this is gonna be.
Something new: do my shoes count?
Something borrowed: TBD
Something blue: eeeeee!!!

Marriage License: CHECK! This was really fun actually :) Everyone at City Hall was way nicer than they are when you're getting your health card renewed.

Bridesmaids dress for my MOH, Danielle
Flip flops for the reception (since there's no way I'll be in those heels the whole night!)
Flower for my hair 

Oh man...what else do I still need to do/get? I feel like there are a million things but I don't even know! 

Anyway, I'm throwing this out into the universe because maybe some of my 2012 and 2013 brides are feeling the same way. And if you fit into that category, let's go get pedicures together and read bridal magazines. 

Maybe we'll get some answers :)


  1. Just listed a few bridal hair clips and brand new combs in my shop being listed tomorrow!

    Were getting married June 1st, 2013 and I feel the same as you!

  2. hey lady - my cousin Kelly is getting married in Halifax Saturday and her colours are grey and yellow. keep an eye out for pictures to get some ideas!

  3. I'M SO EXCITED I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!!!!!!! And your shoes are fab. :)


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