laura + scott | a surprise proposal

I showed him the images I took of Steve & Isabelle's surprise proposal, but he told me there would be a problem with that...Laura would know.

I guess she had been waiting a little while for this proposal, and Scott told me that she's the type of person who would catch on to a sneaky plan way before most people.  So we had to improvise a bit. 

The whole "we're doing couple photos!" thing wouldn't work for her. But maybe...just maybe...we could pull off the hiding behind a tree with a camera thing.

I love this photo, because the passing car makes it feel so very paparazzi!

And when Scott hit his mark, he got down on one knee...

That, my the face of pure relief.

Love this :)

Congratulations Scott & Laura!! I cannot wait to photograph your SECOND engagement session soon :)


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  1. this is so beautiful!! congratulations scott, you snagged yourself a good looking fiancé!!


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