#25 host a boudoir marathon

#25: host a boudoir marathon

It felt almost exactly like a wedding.

A long, rewarding day, that rendered amazing images that I'm SO excited about, and a set of really tired feet.

My worry was that my peak of boudoir inspiration would start to fade after my first couple sessions (I packed 7 shoots into one marathon of a day), but actually...the opposite happened! My day was loaded with gorgeous girls who ROCKED it in front of my camera, and it put me in such a great mood all day!

I rarely get to show off my boudoir work online because...well...frankly it's too hot for the internet's eyes. That being said, bridal boudoir is a major trend right now, and it's definitely the new, hot wedding gift for the night before you say "I do."

And these are just too good to keep secret...

To my amazing boudoir ladies: thank you for helping me cross off another thing on my list! Oh...and thanks for being so freakin' HOT and making my life so easy! ♥

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