tremblay family | byward market family session

I'm used to kids that move a lot...but Jérémie was BUSYYYYY! From the first moment of our shoot until the very last frame, he could have literally taken off at any time. If I know one's that these parents do NOT need to hit the gym on a daily basis. Jérémie is their cardio ;)

We sat down for ice cream cones and some family shots in the courtyards around the Byward Market...

I asked everyone to hold out their cones, but this little guy didn't last more than 0.2 seconds without his ice-creamy goodness lol.

I have to thing about these courtyards: amazing light to work with!

The one on the left is one of my faves; look at that little cheeky face!

This next one is an in-progress high-five. Something about it makes me happy :)

Tremblay family...thanks for being cute, wearing great colours, and lettin' me do my thing! I hope you enjoy these :)

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