'tis the season!

I grew up with the saying, "Christmas isn't a day, it's a season."

And this year in particular, it felt every bit like a season, as the events stretched from December 23rd all the way to the 27th.

There was beer, wine, Christmas decorations, and many minutes spent staring at the french fries spinning around in the ActiFry (a new addition to our kitchen this year).

On Christmas morning we were joined by both families for a hearty brunch buffet. (And who doesn't like having two moms in the kitchen to putter around after we ate?) 

My mimosas were refreshing, and Beans' stories were dynamic.

On boxing day...well...there might have been a lot of wine and vodka crans and not a lot of picture taking. Merry Christmas to meeee!

The next afternoon, Ryan and I drove to my parents house to spend the day with Scott and Rebecca (and of COURSE Ivy, our very favourite little girl!) who were visiting from Mississauga.

Yup, looks about right.

I mean really, who could ask for a better Christmas holiday?

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