the favourites bar

I've come to realize that it's something I took for granted.

Morning after morning, week after week, I arrived at work, made a coffee, and started reading. I know, I know...I was a bad employee. But the day just wasn't "right" when it didn't start out with my morning routine.

First thing's first: e-mails.
I respond to them, I fill in my clients addresses as they provide them, adding them to a big excel chart that gets saved every 10 minutes and rarely closed. If the unsorted emails hit 30, I sort them.

Next up: calendar.
I scope out the day, and the next day, and the next day. I check to make sure I know exactly where I'm going for my upcoming shoots. I refresh my own memory about the people I'll be meeting in the new few days.

And before I can hit the daily dose of reading material, it's coffee time.

So here we are: the favourites.

The favourites bar on my work computer started out small. RBC Banking Sign-In, OC Transpo Travel Planner, Countdown to May 26, 2011 (something I used to check every day to see how many days before we moved in to our place! Now I look at it every once in awhile to see how long we've lived there. Let's just pretend that's not geeky).

But then, an interesting thing happened...I started a business. And with that, came lots of reading. Lots of new resources to make use of. And tons of inspiration.

I started collecting links to blogs from other photographers around the world, who have a similar love for photography, as well as a similar style. Every link was nestled under a tab in the favourites bar, perfectly organized to make my morning routine efficient and satisfying at the same time.

Every password was saved to avoid annoying login screens. Every text field had my address, phone number, postal code, even mother's maiden name saved for the rare occasion that I had to fill in a form.

It seems I'm writing this on Friday, December 30th, after having just realized that I'm going to have to completely recreate my morning routine...and more cherished favourites bar.


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