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While we walked through the airport, Erik told me about how their friend-of-a-friend introduced them at a pub. I had heard this one before, from a few other couples (and even went back to that very pub for an engagement shoot!), but there was a little twist.

"There was no Facebook back then, I didn't know if I'd ever see her again."

Picture me, walking beside the two of them, practically bouncing up and down with then-what! then-what! then-what!

"She rear ended me in traffic."

Okay...well that's a new one. It might have snagged them the award for originality thus far, in my opinion! So the rest of the story goes something like this...

They become friends, both go away to schools out of province, and one fateful Christmas break, Emma came to meet Erik at the airport, and they had their very first kiss...at the bottom of the escalator. You heard me, that straight-out-of-a-movie-totally-dramatic-escalator at our very own Ottawa airport.

A little re-enactment anyone? The best part of this was watching Erik BOOK IT up the down elevator while trying to dodge security. 

Emma, you're SO easy on the eyes...


I simply cannot wait to see you both again at the wedding in August! Emma...you're going to make a stunning bride ♥


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  1. Ah! Just looking at these again and I love them so much! Must order prints for framing, thanks for giving us this opportunity for something that will always be so valuable to us! <3<3<3 Emma


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