alyson + martin | byward market engagement

"You go, meet Laura, start chatting, and I'll park the car."

Apparently Martin had a feeling we were going to get along really well, because that's what he said to Alyson when they arrived in the Byward Market for our shoot.

Well, he was certainly right. Alyson and I met, hugged, and became insta-besties. I loved that Alyson and Martin met at Heart & Crown in the market, and it was an easy choice for starting off our shoot.

We thrived off pretending we had been friends for years, and we even had the staff at Heart & Crown thinking we were long time buds.

The Heart & Crown symbol happens to be super adorable. Worked in my favour :)

We took a walk through the alleys around downtown...

A token shot for the families...!! Alyson and Martin wanted to represent their different backgrounds.

I'm super bummed that these two are getting married out-of-province, because I would have loved the chance to witness their I-do's!

Congrats on the engagement, can't wait to see some pics from your big day on the East Coast! ♥

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