stacey + drew | wellington park engagement

Engagement shoots absolute favourite.

When I check my calendar in the morning to find out where I'm going and who I'm going to meet, I'm pretty much bouncing up and down inside when I see that I'll be photographing two people in love. 

And maybe that will change... I mean, the fact that I'm currently engaged HAS to play a factor in that, so maybe when I start having kids I'll be really into newborn photography. Who knows...!

But for now, I'm perfectly content in my current stage (bouncing up and down inside on a Sunday morning, knowing that I'm headed into downtown to document the engagement of Stacey and Drew).

I know, right? What did I ever do to deserve such gorgeous models?

Can we just take a minute to discuss THE RING?!

I see quite a few engagement rings, and this one had me hand-to-the-chest-oh-my-god-ing.

That photo on the left is one of my absolutely faves.

Stacey and Drew wanted to keep the shoot around walking distance from their place, and it was absolutely perfect.  

You two completely rocked this shoot, and it was so nice getting to know you both.'re going to be the most stunning bride!  

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