what a beautiful day to be a photographer!

I feel like I say this a lot...but it's almost always true!

Even though the sky is cloudy and the air is hot & heavy, it's hard to think of the day as anything but beautiful when you're about to go photograph a vow-renewal ceremony.

In ten minutes or so, I'll be on my way to St. Anthony's church to take some photos in celebration of a couple who has been married 25 years! I find myself tapping my foot anxiously, waiting for the time to pass so I can strap on my camera bag and GO!

In totally unrelated news, here are a few shots that Ryan took of me last night in our backyard!

The grass has finally been laid so we're about to go outside and enjoy it. Next step...patio furnature and a backyard BBQ! Oh wait...summer is almost over it seems. I guess that's something we'll be doing next Spring.


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