people facinate me

People facinate me.

I mean, how does a talent like this get discovered? Because I've played with the tip of a pencil in math class, and never once did my imagine run this far...

I wonder if you're born with that kind of artistic eye. Or maybe you're homeless and happen to find yourself near the garbage bins of an elementary school, and then this magically happens.

Doubt it though.

I wish there was a photo of the artist, because I'd love to know if I've ever sat down next to this guy on OC Transpo without knowing it. I guess I'm assuming it's a could very well be a woman (but they definitely look like man hands...)

Also, how would you explain this to someone who couldn't see a picture?

"What do you do?"
"Well, oddly enough, I make sculptures out of pencils, and it's way cooler than anything you'll probaby ever do in your whole life"

I guess I answered my own question, because that's how I would explain it.

I'm not a spatial person, in ANY sense (no, trust me, even my grade 5 teacher said so, as he crushed any potential dreams of becoming an architect.)

I remember a serious conversation I had with Ryan about whether facing the wrong way on a stair master would be the same as walking down stairs. I argued that it would be. To this day I'm still not sure I was wrong... 

But anyway, my lack of spatial awareness aside, HOW is this possible?


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