gabrielle + francis | aylmer marina couple shoot

4:30pm on Sunday evening. I had been e-mailing Francis about possibly cancelling their couples shoot for the day, on account of bad weather. It was dark and the clouds looked heavy, like the sky was about to break and it would POUR.

But since the first rain drop hadn't fallen, we decided to go for it. I drove to Aylmer and thought about what I could do if it started to pour; how I could give them beautiful pictures to love and cherish forever. I thought, hey...if it rains, we'll make it work!

Turns out we didn't have to.

The skies stayed dry for the ENITRE shoot! That's when the clouds started to break open, and a perfectly pink sunset peaked out. We couldn't have asked for a more picturesque setting. Sometimes things just work out.

If you haven't already figured this out...Francis & Gabrielle are madly in love. It was almost contagious, the way they both smiled and laughed every time they looked at each other; the way Francis couldn't take his eyes off her.

They made my job easy by being so head-over-heels, and I honestly can't wait to continue documenting their love over time. I have no doubt you'll be seeing more of these two sometime soon...

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